Choudhary Enterprises was established in November 2000 as a Proprietor firms purely into contracting of Building & Concrete Demolition Jobs. It specializes in High Reach Demolition using Jaw Crushing Technology & Building Demolition.

Our Services

High Reach Building Demolition

Being a demolition contractor purely into demolition services and with our past experience, we understand the structure first and then plan the sequence of demolition or deconstruction of the same.

Concrete Diamond Cutting

Diamond Cutting can be done with the help of wires and blades using various Hydraulic as well as Electric power packs. It is most widely used technology for controlled demolition worldwide.

Jaw Crushers

Jaw Crushing is a technology to demolish concrete structures where we see congestion of place, less vibrations as compared to breakers, more production per day,

Poclain Demolition

Before the evolution of mechanized demolition process, demolition was held by hand-base, Tools like a sledgehammer and chisel.

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Concrete Demolition Jobs

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Jaw Crushing Technology

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Building Demolition

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